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Ben’s Adventures at the Owl Nightclub in Umeda, Osaka

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Ben’s Adventures at the Owl Nightclub in Umeda, Osaka

by Ben Lindstrom-Ives




It was December 24th of 2016 at 6:30 P.M. and I was walking through the hypnotic and amazing night landscape of Umeda, Osaka. It was very cold outside with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees celsius. The streets of Umeda were packed with many individuals who were rushing through them in a seemingly endless frenzy. Everybody who passed through the streets of Umeda seemed to be on their way somewhere; perhaps to a family dinner, a club, restaurant, or to complete last minute Christmas shopping before the Christmas festivities would begin.


On the night before Christmas Day, Umeda was vividly lit by the lights of Christmas decorations, and also by the large concentration of skyscrapers and tall buildings in the area. The night skyline and scenery were absolutely awe inspiring, as I found myself thinking that this neon lit area of Osaka vividly evoked similar imagery from classic science fiction films such as Ridley’s Scott’s Blade Runner, and Alex Proyas’ Dark City. These are some of my favorite films ever made! At first glance I thought that coming to the WhyNot Xmas party at Owl would ‘just’ be fun, as I never had had a chance to go to a Christmas party at a nightclub before. Little did I know that this celebration would not be any ordinary sort of celebration. Instead it ended up being an absolutely phenomenal spectacle and celebration, one which far exceeded my original expectations!


As I entered the building of the Owl Nightclub, the whole atmosphere changed very quickly. I soon found myself in a gigantic space that was booming with plentiful neon lights,  long  lines  facing  the  bar,  packed  with  many  dozens  of  people,  and  accompanied  by some


amazing Hip Hop/Rap and techno music executed by some very talented D.J.S.. The space which I entered in the club, was one of the most impressive venues I had ever seen in my life. The club had a large dance floor accompanied by a state of the art sound system, enhanced by some stereos, and a large D.J. table. To the left of the dance floor and the sound stage, there were rooms in the upstairs part of the club, where spectators who could not find enough room to socialize on the lower levels of the club, could socialize and enjoy themselves upstairs with relative ease. The atmosphere of Owl was vibrant and lively, packed with many faces both familiar and new to me. The experience of being at Owl evoked the same atmosphere that one might experience at a large rock or hip hop concert. It was an environment that was jamming with music at every corner, filled with a lot of the youth atmosphere, which was seeking and looking for a great time!


As the night progressed I found myself enjoying some delicious drinks such as Gin and Tonics, Cuba Libres, and Whisky Sours from the vibrantly lit and constantly busy bar at the Owl Nightclub. Holding membership with WhyNot, I was able to enjoy an ‘All you can Drink’ special for only 2,000 yen during that evening. This allowed one plenty of time to not only appreciate the taste and fine quality of many different kinds of drinks, but also to relax, and to give one plentiful time to try to meet and socialize with new people. This makes little to no excuse for one to leave such an occasion early, as the opportunities to enjoy drinks from the bar, and to meet and greet new people coming and going through the club are endless! During the course of my time at the Owl, I would encounter many familiar friends and people whom I had run into previously at other WhyNot Parties. At the same time, I met and encountered many new faces, whom basically represented the entire world! After meeting many individuals from Japan,


Britain, America, Egypt, Turkey, amongst other countries, the first thought that came to mind was this could be the United Nations! This is one of the reasons why I love to come to WhyNot Parties, as one often has a chance to meet people from around the world.


The finale of the Christmas Party at the Owl Nightclub was absolutely phenomenal! Out of sheer surprise and awe, I saw around 5 or 6 female dancers make an appearance on the DJ’s stage. All of the performers were dressed in Santa Clause outfits, clad with rabbit ears to go. The dances they performed were electrifying, fun, and entertaining, accompanied by the many vivid laser lights which were constantly being shot out at the stage. The show in essence played an homage to the old fashioned burlesque/dance shows of the 20th century. The choreography of the dance performances were done on a very fine professional level. The dancers were all incredibly attractive, funny, and helped literally rock the whole floor! With the performance of the Christmas dancers, not one person wasn’t either dancing or rocking to the beat! Talk about amazing atmosphere! This was easily the most vibrant sort of dancing performance I remember seeing since I was in Istanbul last year, and saw a fine chorus of belly dancers perform. All in all, the performance was a knockout. Everything from my view, was coordinated perfectly!


In the end, I thought that the WhyNot’s Xmas party bash was both epic in proportion, and on a scale of 10, an absolute 10 out of 10 experience on the awesomeness scale! It is certainly a challenge for many who may not be able to be home to celebrate Christmas with their families. From my perspective, however, WhyNot Japan did an absolutely heroic job when they organized this  party. From what I saw, it was impossible not to have a good time! From start to finish, the Xmas celebration with WhyNot Japan at Owl was an absolute thrill. An experience which was above  all unforgettable, exciting, and very entertaining. I will definitely plan to come back to Owl soon, and I highly recommend this venue to anyone who wishes to experience some of the fun and vivid nightlife in Osaka.



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