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Happy “Cosplay” Halloween Costume DIY crafts BBQ Party♪

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Happy Cosplay Halloween!


Come to Osaka Makers Space Costume DIY crafts BBQ Party!


Wear your Halloween costume to show it off or come to the Makerspace to make your own.


(You can come as early as 11AM to work on your Halloween cosplay here if you want more time and work on it until 11PM after the Party.)


The BBQ Cosplay party will be on Oct. 27th (fri) 6:30~9:30pm


2000yen to help pay for the charcoal, food and soft drinks.


Ryan will also bring some of his homemade Umeshu, Lemon-shu and other stashed beverages for sampling. BYOB!!


Feel free to bring food your own food and drinks and something to share. 🙂


We are making Halloween DIY costumes and decorations at the shop this month.
Don’t just buy your costumes!
Make your own original costumes that no one else will have!


So, at the party we will have some materials and ideas for costumes to prepare for Halloween. Bring your own materials and use our tools! 🙂

Please come and join!


What is Osaka Makers Space?


Osaka Makers Space is a newly opened DIY makerspace in Nipponbashi where you can make, build or repair anything!

They have tools for electronics, 3D printing, wood working, metal working, leather working, and textiles.


Here’s some examples of the things you can build and do at their workshop: build a drone, a robot, use a 3D printer, make a coffee table, a chair, a bicycle, RC toys of all kinds, sew costumes, recreate movie props, fashion design, musical instruments, DJ equipment, etc.


They are also the hosts of the Osaka Makers MeetUp, which is a group of hobbyists and professionals who meet to make projects together and learn from each other.
Check out their website for more details!


Osaka Makers Space


Inoue Bldg 1F, 3-3-10 Shimodera, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
大阪市浪速区下寺3丁目3−10井上ビル1F 東側


4-5 min. walk from Subway Sakaisuji Line Ebisucho Sta.
You will see it on the right hand side.



Open Hours










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