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What is English & Japanese YOGA Lesson?

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What is English & Japanese YOGA Lesson?


This is both an energetic and a relaxing hatha flow class. We begin with gentle movements, then increase the energy of the class through sun salutations and standing poses, and finally relax in some restorative poses.


Explanations will be in both Japanese and English so that students can learn the movements and the language with ease. Any level of yoga experience is welcome as you can choose from variations of poses to suit your condition and feeling on the day.


After the lesson, we will enjoy hot chai latte and snacks while we chat. Get out of your flat on Sunday morning and get moving!


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Vanessa’s Profile


Vanessa brings years of experience from both teaching and her studies around the world of various types of yoga as well as dance, pilates, and martial arts into an uplifting and soothing bilingual yoga lesson.


Everyone, please come to class with an open mind and peaceful heart to enjoy yoga together 🙂


Vanessa’s Yoga Page: https://lotusmovementyoga.com






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